A large percentage of the global population, infrastructure, and wealth is concentrated in geographic locations prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, floods, and storms. As a result, the resilience and sustainability of our infrastructure systems are mission-critical for the endurance and survival of our societies.

The American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE MOP 144, Hazard-Resilient Infrastructure: Analysis and Design provides a design framework for infrastructure across hazards, systems, and sectors. The Manual of Practice (MOP) highlights the demand for resilience in both new and existing infrastructure systems. The MOP also relates the design framework to the economics of the total asset lifecycle.

Further, MOP 144 employs probabilistic methods for risk analysis and risk management of infrastructure systems to address uncertainties within planning timeframes. The risk-based methods include identifying and analyzing site hazards, system failures, and probability ranges — including direct and indirect losses, and failure and recovery profiles.

ASCE MOP 144, Hazard-Resilient Infrastructure is sponsored by the Infrastructure Resilience Division of ASCE. © 2021 American Society of Civil Engineers

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