In an article published by Dezeen on the digital twin revolution and authored by Dezeen staff, Anne Asensio, Vice President of Design Experience at Dassault Systèmes highlights how “…architecture and design are about to be revolutionized by digital twins,” virtual representations of real-world assets.

Further, Asensio asserts that stakeholders across the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries are at the first stage of a major revolution for the future of the built environment. Providing unpreceded power, digital twins, also referred to as “virtual twins,” represent virtual counterparts to real-world objects or processes.

In summary, Asensio compares the current state of digital twin technologies and processes with the state of the internet over twenty years ago, at the start of the millennium. The Dassault Systèmes design experience executive explains “…redesigning buildings to be resilient to climate or extreme temperatures, or rebuilding after the learning of a simulated tsunami.”

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