The January/February 2022 issue of Civil Engineering, The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers, cover “Making Infrastructure Resilient to Climate Change” and article “Responding to Code Red” by Robert L. Reid warns of “a code red for humanity.” Reid highlights how civil engineers are working to limit the emission of greenhouse gases, preserve resources, and promote resiliency. Mission critical goals aim to future-proof today’s infrastructure for tomorrow’s environment.

“Responding to Code Red” is the first in a series of articles on infrastructure resilience planned to be published in Civil Engineering magazine, with future articles addressing specific climate threats, damage mitigation strategies, and critical infrastructure operations. “Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis” confirms that climate change “…is already affecting many weather and climate extremes in every region across the globe… in the atmosphere, in the oceans, (in) ice floes, and on land.”

As one of many examples, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) report highlights heightened risks to coastal areas. Continued sea-level rise will cause more frequent and severe coastal flooding and erosion. By the end of this century, extreme weather events that now occur once in a hundred years will most probably occur annually. In summary, “Responding to Code Red” is a call to action for future-proofing our infrastructure now and for future generations.

(Source: Civil Engineering, The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers)

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