ClimaTwin Products

ClimaTwin® is the leading climate risk intelligence solution
for infrastructure assets and the built environment.

ClimaTwin Features


  • Federate infrastructure data sets with disparate climate models
  • Leverage scientific data in digital twins without specialized software
  • Geoprocess baseline and future climate data for spatial and temporal reference


  • Simulate designs and identify vulnerabilities to weather variables
  • Enhance BIM-GIS building & civil digital twins with climate projections
  • Explore time-series insights for near and distant future climates


  • Project asset performance under acute and chronic climate hazards
  • Assess adaptation actions across the total asset lifecycle via dashboards
  • Export risk analysis back to the iModelHub control center and neutral formats

ClimaTwin Models

  • Unique climate models downscaled to local-scale of infrastructure
  • Less than 1-km resolution (compared to CMIP6 and other models at 100-km to 300-km resolution)
  • Proprietary AI/ML technology, regression analysis, and risk modeling

Climate Data

Collection of high-quality climate, hazard,
and historical data from best-in-class, global sources

Integrate with iModels

Connect with iModels and compatible formats
via secure synchronization services

Supported Applications

Interchange Formats

Leverage Bentley Systems iModel as a common format
for open exchange of infrastructure information

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