Published in a new report entitled “Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure,” the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure released an innovation framework to promote resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Authored by Jerry Buckwalter of the ASCE, Edgar Westerhof of Arcadis, and Andrew O’Connell of the ASCE Foundation, the new report highlights innovative solutions for climate adaptation, climate mitigation, and development strategies.

The purpose of the effort is to “…explore, research, highlight, and support innovative sustainable and resilient practices and solutions from around the world…” — discovering local innovations, learning from successes and failures, and replicating key elements. A global evaluation team ranked the infrastructure projects, referred to as ICSI Innovation Champions, based on criteria around ASCE’s future trends and forecasting research project and by selected global experts.

Assessment criteria for infrastructure systems, facilities, or assets included: 1. sustainability: the ability to meet and address the needs of the present and future society in parallel; 2. resilience: the capacity for individuals, communities, and systems to prepare for, adapt to, withstand, and recover from changing conditions, stress, and disruptions; and, 3. innovation: the process of utilizing new technologies, techniques, practices, approaches, and materials to address a known problem.

ClimaTwin™ empowers infrastructure stakeholders to mitigate climate risks and assess adaptation actions across the total asset lifecycle.

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