Part 4 in a Series: Can Engineers Save the Planet from Climate Change and Its Effects?

By Rodrigo Fernandes, Ph.D, Director, ES(D)G – Empowering Sustainable Development Goals

Engaging innovation ecosystems

The iTwin platform is Bentley’s open, scalable, purpose-built cloud platform for developing infrastructure digital twin (iTwin) solutions. The iTwin platform allows developers to build applications that solve data integration challenges, visualize, track changes, and create insights and reports on complex infrastructure assets, using at their core vendor-agnostic digital twins that bring together infrastructure data where it is and in the format in which it was created.

iTwins are continuously updated with data from the physical asset or natural environment, which are critical to understand and model the asset and its environmental performance. iTwins allow federating, aligning, and synchronizing multi-discipline data in a connected environment so that users can visualize, track change, perform scenario-based and predictive analysis, and create reports to better understand and optimize performance across all infrastructure lifecycle stages. We became certain that, thanks to these capabilities, the iTwin platform would be an essential enabler and accelerator in transforming infrastructure ESG performance, for example promoting carbon transparency, and disclosure use cases.

We use the iTwin platform at Bentley to develop our own solutions. However, we also make it available for developers at engineering firms, independent software vendors, and integrators, who in turn can create and bring to market solutions that solve real-world problems leveraging infrastructure digital twins.

We do this because we believe that no single entity can tackle the multitude of potential applications and use cases needed to fully empower users around the world to build and operate better infrastructure. That’s why we are actively seeding collective action and collaboration with strategic partners, organizations, and communities with carefully selected programmatic initiatives to create an innovation ecosystem fueled by our iTwin platform.

More in the next blog post about climate change…

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(Source: Fernandes, Rodrigo. “Can Engineers Save the Planet from Climate Change and Its Effects?” Bentley Blog, Bentley Systems, 9 Mar. 2022,

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