Solving today’s engineering problems and preparing stakeholders for the future of digital engineering

The Bentley Systems Civil User Conference 2022: Civil Products Keynote event features Francois Valois, Vice President of Civil Design at Bentley Systems, and Mo Harmon, Director of Industry Strategy and Civil Infrastructure at Bentley Systems. Bentley’s civil design products solve today’s engineering problems and prepare stakeholders for the future of digital engineering. During the Civil Products Keynote event, Francois Valois and Mo Harmon discuss leading software and technology advancements across numerous transportation disciplines.

From an industry perspective, federal and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) across the United States warn of labor shortages, as a result of retirement, education, and demand. Beyond the U.S., labor shortages present a worldwide challenge. With respect to education, college enrollment in civil engineering is down 60% since 1994. To compound our challenges, new demand is outpacing current capacity of DOTs and consultants. In response to the challenges confronting civil engineering and transportation disciplines, the speakers discuss innovation supported by people, process, and technology.

(Image Source: Bentley Systems, Incorporated)

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