ClimaTwin® is proud to participate in the National Academy of Sciences, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC), Fall 2023 Meeting on November 27, 2023. The topic of the fall meeting is “Advancing Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasting.” With the potential to strengthen planning and decision-making across many sectors, sub-seasonal to seasonal or S2S forecasting models long-term weather out to fifty-two weeks in advance.

Reflecting on recommendations from the 2016 National Academies report, Next Generation Earth System Prediction, the Advancing Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasting session “…examines the state-of-the-art in S2S forecasting, explores emerging data-driven approaches, and discusses paths forward to leverage the strengths of the climate and weather communities to improve S2S forecast capabilities.”

About the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate: “The issues addressed by BASC are at the forefront of contemporary concerns. Climate change and impacts, global climate models and the implications of their results, air pollution, and severe weather are topics discussed not just by scientists, but in Congress and headlines every day. Our understanding of these issues directly affects the nation’s environmental policies, energy choices, manufacturing decisions, construction codes, and agricultural methods.”


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About ClimaTwin®

ClimaTwin® is a leading climate risk intelligence solution for infrastructure assets and the built environment.

We empower infrastructure stakeholders to mitigate climate risks and assess adaptation actions across the total asset lifecycle. By connecting complex climate models and infrastructure digital twins, our solution enables engineers, owner-operators, and governments to aggregate, visualize, and analyze disparate datasets, revealing site-specific insights at a hyper-local scale. Benefits include 5-10x near-term returns and lifetime cost-avoidance by mitigating risks to systems, services, and societies.

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