Seven Critical Concepts of a Digital Twin System Interoperability Framework

Seven Critical Concepts of a Digital Twin System Interoperability Framework

Hosted by the Digital Twin Consortium, the webinar “How System Interoperability Empowers Digital Twins” highlights “…the importance of system integrations at the technical and protocol levels…” to maximize value with digital twins.

Webinar presenters Anto Budiardjo and Doug Migliori are also the co-authors of the Digital Twin System Interoperability Framework, a key document to be published in the near future by the Digital Twin Consortium.

Budiardjo and Migliori discuss how system interoperability enables practitioners, such as engineers, owners, operators, governments, and others, to best design and build systems at scale with minimal human intervention.

A system-centric viewpoint “…normalizes model-based simulations of real-world entities, defines how entities interact as a functional group, and empowers simulation and computation to continuously optimize real-world processes.”

Seven critical concepts of a system interoperability framework include:

  1. System centric
  2. Model based
  3. Holistic info flow
  4. Federated repo
  5. Scalable mechanism
  6. Actionable information
  7. State based

About the Digital Twin Consortium®

Digital Twin Consortium® is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances the use of digital twin technology from aerospace to natural resources.

Digital Twin Consortium is open to any business, organization or entity with an interest in digital twins. Our global membership is committed to using digital twins throughout their operations and supply chains and capturing best practices and standards requirements for themselves and their clients.


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System integrations at the technical and protocol levels to maximize value with digital twins

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