A New Era in Climate Communications — A Series About Climate Opportunity

A New Era in Climate Communications — A Series About Climate Opportunity


“To inspire people, we need to tell a story not of sacrifice and deprivation but of opportunity and improvement in our lives, health, and well-being — a story of humans flourishing in a post-fossil-fuel age.” — Susan Joy Hassol

The whitepaper A New Era in Climate Communications, published by New Zero World, provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities for effective climate communication. The paper emphasizes the need for clear, transparent, and compelling communication strategies to engage various stakeholders in the climate action movement. The authors argue that successful climate communication must be rooted in scientific evidence, tailored to target audiences, and framed to promote understanding and action.

One key point highlighted in the whitepaper is the importance of storytelling in climate communication. By using narratives that resonate with audiences on an emotional level, communicators can effectively convey the urgency and impact of climate change. Further, the paper stresses the significance of leveraging diverse channels and mediums, such as social and traditional media, to reach a wider audience and foster dialogue.

In summary, the whitepaper is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance climate communication efforts. By employing the strategies and insights outlined in the paper, communicators can effectively mobilize public support and drive meaningful change toward a more sustainable future.

About A New Era in Climate Communications

A New Era in Climate Communications is a collaborative effort spanning more than 60 contributors and organizations, developed over the course of eight months and thousands of hours. Developed by the New Zero World in partnership and with the support of The Global Commons Alliance. The goal of the White Paper “A New Era in Climate Communications” is to propose a novel strategy for effective climate change communications across institutions and sectors.”

“At the heart of this effort will be the Earth Public Information Collaborative (EPIC), a global media and communications coalition to support direct public engagement in tackling the planetary emergency.  EPIC mobilizes a global coalition to engage the public at unprecedented scale with public service campaigns, accurate science and reporting, and easily accessed resources for public action/solutions to protect people and the planet. It is the first big step into a new era in climate communications.”

“With this work, we want to lay the foundation for a transformed future through the power of communication and creativity. We are developing a radically new approach which brings together science and creativity to reimagine and rework how we communicate about the climate crisis — the biggest challenge and opportunity facing humanity today.”

(Source: www.climatecommunications.earth)

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