Challenges and Solutions for Successful Digital Twins of Water Utilities

Challenges and Solutions for Successful Digital Twins of Water Utilities


Speaker Tom Walski, Senior Product Manager, Water at Bentley Systems, Inc., presents the webinar “Achieving Success with Digital Twins.” During the webinar, Walski discusses how digital twins “…help improve system operations and drive intelligent asset management decisions.” Further, the speaker addresses challenges and solutions when optimizing the capabilities of digital twins for water systems. Attendees learn about the following topics on digital twins and water utilities:

  • Sharing data between multiple technologies such as SCADA, GIS, and others;
  • Determining pump efficiency based on power usage inputs;
  • Implementing flexible controls under manual system pumps;
  • Ensuring the security of digital twin platforms to reduce risks;
  • Calibrating models for specific user requirements and use cases, and;
  • Advocating for stakeholder buy-in of digital twins at water utilities.

About the Speaker

Tom Walski, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, has over 40 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. Throughout his career as an engineer, author, presenter, and university professor, he has worked at applying modeling methods to solve planning, design, and operation problems. Based in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, Tom has a passion for presenting sound modeling methods in ways that can be understood by practicing engineers and operators.

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