Part 2 in a Series: Can Engineers Save the Planet from Climate Change and Its Effects?

By Rodrigo Fernandes, Ph.D, Director, ES(D)G – Empowering Sustainable Development Goals

The climate change challenge

The 2030 milestones to achieve the Paris Agreement and SDG targets are rapidly approaching. In face of a climate emergency, action is desperately required to reduce climate change and its harmful impacts ensuring that future development is sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. Furthermore, while making “the big shift” to mitigate climate change and decarbonize infrastructure is an extraordinary task, we simultaneously need to adapt and increase resilience to the climate change effects that are already underway.

An unprecedented transformation is underway in infrastructure, helping reduce carbon emissions and making our communities more resilient to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

We can see this transformation already happening on multiple levels – with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating the pace even more. Consumers and employees have never been so active and aware of the climate emergency: Cities are adopting SDGs as a high priority; Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing is exploding within the private sector, with impressive numbers in venture capital and mergers & acquisitions recorded over the last few years and particularly in 2021; Stricter regulations and a shift toward green public investment to address climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges are already on the agenda of many governments; and finally, ESG is now an essential and strategic component of almost every business strategy through increased reporting and disclosure along with corporate directives to establish net-zero pledges, commitments, or even transitioning business strategies to turn risks into opportunities.

More in the next blog post about climate change…

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