The webinar entitled “A Look Inside the Digital Twin Maturity Model for Infrastructure,” by John Turner of Gafcon and Salla Eckhardt of Microsoft, co-chairs of the Digital Twin Consortium Infrastructure Working Group, highlight how digital twins for infrastructure projects require maturity models that define series of successions.

Accordingly, the Digital Twin Consortium is developing a roadmap for a digital maturity model — the Infrastructure Industry Maturity Model. The roadmap addresses applications for digital twins in infrastructure projects. A maturity model defines the best path through the application of use cases.

During the webinar, Turner and Eckhardt review the following five categories applicable for digital twins in infrastructure projects:

  1. Organizational Structure
  2. Organizational Performance
  3. The Evolution of the Digital Thread
  4. The Integration of Business Functions
  5. The Use of Catalog and Repeatable Design and Construction Elements

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