As a result of intensifying risks to infrastructure worldwide, a global consortium of building code developers and researchers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States formed the Global Resiliency Dialogue, with the goal to inform building code development and improve adverse weather resilience, by leveraging building and climate science.

The members of the Global Resiliency Dialogue surveyed building code development and research organizations on how national building codes and standards address climate risks, and then published the results of the survey in a report entitled “The Use of Climate Data and Assessment of Extreme Weather Event Risks in Building Codes Around the World.”

Further, the report reviews numerous types of building codes dependent on climate data to support respective requirements. In the “Findings on Changing Risk and Building Codes” summary, the Global Resiliency Dialogue outlines objectives and defines strategies to inform building code development and improve adverse weather resilience.

Join the Global Resiliency Dialogue today as an endorsing organization (either as a public sector or non-governmental organization) or as a supporting private sector business.

(Image Source: Global Resiliency Dialogue)

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