The Construction Institute Boston Chapter of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) presents the webinar The Power of the Digital Twin, on Monday, May 9, 2022. The webinar highlights how digital twins can transform critical business issues across project delivery processes such as cost, quality, compliance, risk, and revenue.

Bentley Systems presents a series of case studies and development timelines on digital twins, addressing key drivers and positive outcomes of data federation and process transformation. Further, Bentley Systems reviews digital twin workflows across the total asset lifecycle: concept and planning, design and engineering, construction and commissioning (Cx), and operations and maintenance (O&M).

Speakers during the webinar on digital twins include numerous industry experts:

  • JP Gauthier, Principal Consultant, Design & Engineering, Bentley Systems
  • Taylor Gilmore, Director of Product Management, Bentley Systems
  • Jeff Purse, Senior Account Manager, Bentley Systems
  • Todd Roberts, Regional Director, Infrastructure IoT, Bentley Systems
  • Glenn Worrall, iTwin Developer of Product Management, Bentley Systems

(Image source: Bentley Systems)

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